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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowed in - but got things done!

 Me in the snow!!
 Before Crits
After Crits - All Abstract

Today we got snowed in - so we all had the day off.  It gave me some time to spend with my husband, myself, my computer, my advisor, my classmates in my semester and Graduates (Brandon Kuehn - painter and Adam Bernard).  On a more awesome note, I got to slush, play and admire walking through the thickest snow of my life! Fun! Above you will find, I also had time to download the way that we hung and displayed our paintings for our critiques, I did the before and after.  The before is with most of my paintings I brought; the after, is without my figurative and only abstract work, so that I am representing the direction that I am heading in a more clear presentation or view.   

Also, per Jan’s request, (she was gracious enough to make time to talk to me me some more today!) I spent some more time researching a mentor, as she felt the mentor I had chosen (DA) was too illustrative and commercial and really not going in the direction that I am.  I am so excited to have her! Further, I have found a lady artist I am very interested in, however I will just disclose her name if my advisor thinks she is a good fit.  Excited to figure it out!  I will keep you posted. 

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