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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Introduction to Boston & AIB:

I am now ready to start sharing what I am creating; so I will be documenting my art path on this blog.   Tonight I am approaching day 5 of my MFA residency and day 6 in Boston.  I am truly having the time of my life.  I am located at Boston Buckminster Hotel, travels here went well and I am comfortable in my own room!  I am meeting so many people like ME and super inspired with the art overload.  Though I miss my husband, he is supportive and we keep in touch for the few hours that I have away from AIB.  I love him and appreciate all his support.  I will start with my new lovely friends!   Jennifer Longworth, (first person I met and my morning walker buddy), Cecilia Givens and JooYoung Choi (my favorite girls, greatest ladies and what a way to get introduced to the program - so glad to have them!) To date, I have had two critiques - the first a wonderful duo with Hannah Barrett (Painter) and; Deb Todd Wheeler (Painter) which went well because they are both strong painters who appreciated my work and  my mark-making.  They were encouraging and awesome!  Today, my critique with Stuart Steck (curator and academic) was a little harder because he challenged me to start to thinking of the viewer, so they can more clearly understand my story in my art. Also, I had him the day before for my Critical Theory Class, he is very smart, insightful and really commanding a lot of interaction from my class.  I got some key advice from Mary Morrison today also, she challenged me to rearrange my pictures for more impact...I am going to try to get to it; I can only hope to make some time.  I will take a picture of before and after and post.  Also, Julia Mills the pregnant painter that stays across the hall from me, she is great, she was kind enough to volunteer to share her materials with me for my class tomorrow because I got added late and also a brilliant painter and inspiration and someone I look up to.  I am most excited for tomorrow, as I get to paint with Hannah Barrett in her Surface and Touch class at 9:00 am!  This class is about mark-making and choice of materials are as personal and identifiable as your own handwriting.  Can’t wait to share what I learn.  OK off to sharing with my hubby. 

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