Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lets do this..

In the spirit of MY new REVELATIONS (paralogous to my exhibit review paper - called Revelation: The Major Paintings by Jules Orlistki) I am subjecting this months process - the revelation - LET'S DO THIS -  as it marks my excitement and determination with respect to my ideas really cementing themselves together in a harmonious way.

Before I post pics of my new work- I have some exciting news.  I am being featured in the tribute to Bearden Project - in The Studio Museum in Harlem.  Very excited about this.  Should you want to see what pieces  they are exhibiting - check out..

Oh and everyone cross fingers my house sells - because we are moving back east.  Yes we are taking our pet monkey (lol sphinx) My sweet little cat that loves to help momma in the studio.

Ok with out further reconstruction begins (disclosure - designer purses range from being new, used and donated):