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Thursday, August 18, 2011

More great news...2011 Third Coast National

2011 Third Coast National .... just got news that my painting was accepted in

Hello Ya La'ford,

Congratulations!  Your entry 301.26248.118671 ...was ACCEPTED into the 2011 Third Coast National.

Only 47 works of art were selected for exhibition out of 696 images submitted by 221 artists. Special Thanks goes out to our juror Tony Magar whose insightful decisions make the 2011 show one of the most concise and unified Third Coast National exhibitions ever presented.
The show opens on Sept. 24, 6 to 8 pm.   Thank you all for your participation and Congratulations to the accepted artists!

Selections for the Third Coast National Exhibition at K Space Contemporary are listed below by entry #, title, then artist's name.  The results are in alphabetical order by artist's last name:

This is the painting for a sneak preview: 

Also, ALL my work that I brought for my residency to Boston AIB was an advertisement on (the Boston Subway), that my classmate got a picture of, featuring all of my paintings from my MFA residency..
Check me out...picture me rolling....
and shout out to all my classmate and Tony is  also featured in the pictures....!!!

What else is going on....
I will post my entries to: 
9x12 paintings on papers...soon to come. 

I am reading a bunch these days....I will update you on that too.  

Till later.

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