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Monday, June 6, 2011

Final Paintings for my Second Upcoming Residency

What a fabulous semester.  Thank you (spouse- you know who you are) Hannah Barrett (my advisor), Natasha Bowdoin (my mentor), and Andres Hernadez (my classmate) for your considerable contribution in my work this semester.  Continually pushing me has taken my work to new heights.  I could not thank you enough and I forever appreciate you all.   Well here goes nothing...
 Me in action - penetrating both sides of canvas
 Pushing paint on back to front 
#1 54x72  Front 
#1 54x72 Back 
 #2 54x72 Front (BYC Piece)
 #2 Back  (BYC Piece)
 #3  54x72 Front (BYC Piece)
 #3 Back (BYC Piece)
 #4 54x72
 #5 54x72
 #6 54x72
 #7 54x72
 #8 54x72
 #9 54x72
#10 54x72

Hope you enjoy! I sure did - what a process! 

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